My dreamed love

I want that love, from which it hurts every moment, every cell in you. That you deny, but which you cannot escape, no matter how trying. That love pursued you even in dreams and don’t leave even a piece of you to sink into nothingness. Love that throws you into pits, that rise you to the sun, burns your past and casts a ghostly veil of mist on the future, obliging you to be only Here – at the moment where everything merges. The one that you curse of powerlessness to change it and praise in the ecstasy of emotion. Which reveals you’re the darkest and yet the lightest areas of your soul. Without you feel lost and find yourself at the most amazing places. Love that takes your breath away like a fire outside the door that no one can put down. Love for that you can go to the end of the world without thinking about the consequences. Which throws you like a hurricane in life, but you do not even occur to get out of the whirlwind her trembling. Disheveled, rain-wet hair which sits silently next to you, reaching hand to you and you find peace. This love I want. Because I can accept only it.

Author and translator from Bulgarian: ©Borislava Boneva



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