The story of “The littlle Dino Donnie and his friends” and its’ author




 At the picture in the right are the lovely author -Danka Todorova, and her yong illustrator ot the book – Petya Donencheva – the two preety and talanted bulgarian women!

The booklet “Little Donny Dino and his friends”              

Interview with writer Danka Todorova

The  children’s book “Little Donny Dino and his friends.”  is the work of the German writer Danka Todorova and young illustrator from Plovdiv Petya Donencheva.
What’s different about this book and what is Danka Todorova? We met her at her home in Karlsruhe – Germany.
Hello, Frau Todorova! Who is Danka Todorova? Can you tell us more about yourself. Your name is Bulgarian, and you live in Germany? …
I was born in Bulgaria. My name is Danka,  shortened from Yordanka and has meaning “river”. This we refer to the Old Testament and the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Often having to explain what my name means. Lived and worked in Germany in Karlsruhe on the Rhine, near the world famous resort of Baden-Baden.
Would you share a little more about yourself? We are interested in your creative biography mostly: published books, favorite genres in which you create?
An interesting story in my biography submitted my first editor and publisher – Georgi Markov. It met one of the national team meetings teachers literary artists in Blagoevgrad. I still remember his voice: “Girl, and do not think I’ll post the lyrics if you do not suck. Publish classics and I have my requirements …” There was a poetry book my “The world upside down” back in 1996. Several years later won first prize in the competition for teaching creativity and the region of Varna cycle “Autumn sketches.” Then five years was Chairman of literary study “Doe.” I am a member SNBP in Varna.
Then years passed before I appear scientific research on the history of teacher education in Bulgaria in the 20th century, the crisis in Cuba and many teaching materials that have worked.
Last year I fulfilled my dream to write a novel about the history of a family of iconographer Tryavna School of Painting – layered and intense. Work and its Bulgarian translation. And in 2011, after a long journey and prepare to implement the project with Dinovtsite.

How did the idea for the book? Is there a particular reason for its creation?
The idea for the character was born spontaneously. When working with children, they are creative and sincere. The same day there were characters and the thread of events. After reshershirane (seeking information) and the most appropriate form of presentation of the story appeared the idea of ​​color illustrated book – “Little Donny Dino and his friends.”

Does Donny Dino have a prototype?
As already mentioned Dino Donnie arise spontaneously, as most ideas emerge. Landing on the shoulder of the artist. Just open your hand and let them lead you on.

Why is Dino starts its journey from Bulgaria, not Germany, for example?
The story and everything that has been published so far is written in German. So the book is written in German. Time travel is the most interesting thing for kids.
Why Bulgaria? Because my son started his journey
the world from Bulgaria.
Which countries are invited to visit? How many languages ​​will be translated?
Dinovtsite head around Germany in May, in preparation for the journey to Russia. And other countries are still in the project – perhaps Finland.

How many books (stories) include series and when to expect a sequel?
With young illustrator Petya Donencheva we want to delight children and their parents with at least two parts. Lovers Dino Donnie and his friends continue their journey after September.

Will there be a doll Donny Dino or souvenir to the book? toy dinosaur or a time machine type of leggo that children take to assemble?
Yes, we envisage such additions to the story. First things first, the step by step.

Can we assume that Donnie’s character Dino boys? Will show you friends in the following stories?

Dino Donnie likes both boys and girls on. I told the story to children even before they appear on paper. Last year, the project, working with children Creative Painting School in Karlsruhe and Mrs. Weiss. Children painting stories about Dinovtsite. I was able to convince them that great pleasure.

What children learn character Donny Dino?
Friendship is a major theme in 3 years. How the world accept it and how children live. This little dino Donnie and his friends are certainly one support to parents, but also new friends to children who want to hear the story sometimes several times a day.

What educational and rehabilitative goals set book for children?
Children’s book reveals the rich imagination and fragile child psihika.Tya teaches children good manners, of what can be done and what can not. How and why people become friends and why not terribly different, but the unknown can not be trusted. Children come in fresh colors of the journey, and finally able to color their own Dino Donnie, as it presented. Thus, our youngest readers get the opportunity to visualize your fantasies and make the book a part of their world.

Can we determine the age group targeted by the book?
We can define a group of 3 to 7 years. Of course the story is interesting and grandparents and all other ages.

The book can be find in Amazon:

Translation from Bulgarian: Borislava Boneva


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