An independent study on readership in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Which are the books and the authors that have left the strongest impression on you and you always reread with pleasure? Who is your favorite genre of literature?

Anyone who loves to read – for pleasure or because his profession is somehow connected with the books, inevitably has asked these questions. And he found the answers for himself. At various stages of life, under the influence of moods and needs, and guided by an interest in novelty now, man seeks the right book or author, to enrich it, to help him in times of trouble to get rid of the problems and dive into the magical world of literature.

Today the book market is flooded with books, with the advancement of modern technology now there are varieties of ways to obtain the reading, what is needed. The genres are varied and can satisfy even the most discerning tastes- in the bookstores or on the Internet, the books are at hand from us. We freely handle terms like “bestseller”, “rating” and others thanks to the many studies in the field of book publishing, book distribution and readership, which we can compare the results with one click. Located conveniently at the computer, we keep informed about the latest book or e the author even in the other side of the world and keep abreast of trends and the furthest point on the planet. Interested if your favorite author has a new book? Will it be another bestseller? You do not need to do much effort – just use the keyboard on your computer or mobile phone. And you already know where and how to buy the book. Because no matter which country you live in, the purpose of all these studies is to bring you as close as possible to what you need.
Wanting to know more about readership trends in the country and the city in which I live – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (latitude 42 ° 25 ‘and longitude 25 ° 37’), I did my own study and results proved quite interesting. The city has two major bookstores – “Helicon” and “Penguins”. From the information i gathered during the visits, i came to the following major conclusions:

In the bookstore “Helicon” – Stara Zagora most sought-after genre is “Psychology and self-development”. Shortly afterwards, are “Crime,” “Thriller” and “Mystique”, followed by the books on health issues. Only the fourth readership is directed towards the world classics and autobiographical literature. Of course, this does not include the demand for children’s books and specific literature, as interest in them remains unchanged.

Similarly, some of the best-selling publishers in that bookstore are publishing “Colibri”, “Egmond” and “Bard”.

In the bookstore “Penguin” trends are not much different. First in the list of readership are genres like “Thriller”, (including historical), “Fantasy”, “Action”, “Psychology and self-development”, followed by the autobiographical literature and world classic novels of love and social issues. Again, the demand for specialized children’s and adolescent literature remains constant. In that store the best-selling publishers are “Ciela”, “Hermes” and “Ibis”.

With regard to children’s literature, publishing ranking is as follows: “Pan”, “Golden duck”, “Fiut”, “Directions”, “Hummingbird”, ed. “Children’s books”, “Kibea”, “Ciela”, “Alex print” and “Ergon”, at least in the above bookstores.

I am personally very happy about the fact that the demand for children’s books has not decreased despite the difficult living conditions, that faced by our country. Because it starts all the children and we as responsible adults and parents, must give them the best start to train their selves to love books and to build in them a healthy and meaningful interest in reading books. No matter how much are developed advanced technologies that are increasingly shifting building interest today’s children still enjoy the magical world of books. And we, we, large can give them a good example.

This independent survey was conducted on the territory of the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in March 2013.

©By Borislava Boneva’2013


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