27th of March – The International Theatre Day


Image – Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv

For the first time International Theatre Day was celebrated in 1961 at the initiative of the International Theatre Institute. Each year the date 27th of March is followed by various national and international performances.
The theater originated in ancient Hellas. During the celebration of Dionysus were played pieces called dithyramb. The hallmark of the ancient Greek theater is that plays roles are performed by men only, and the maximum number of players is three. Depending on the character, they wear masks, and the scene is present choir which accompanies the actors.
In Bulgaria, one of the most impressive buildings in the authentic world and arguably the most beautiful of this type is the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv. Its capacity is over 7000 people, the scene is on two levels, and the wealth of masterpieces of sculpture speaks of class not only for ancient art, and social importance, which is the theater of that era.
Back in ancient Rome was the undisputed giant footprint that ancient Greek theater style left. Over time, increasing numbers of cast roles now performed by women. The pieces are mostly in the comedy genre.
Middle Ages were a period of turbulent change in the theater. Theater significantly affected by intrusion of religion in society and its impact on all spheres of life. The pieces become religious and have openly didactic character. Unscrew the traveling theater troupes, has an exceptional boom Comedy Del’Arte. In this period are established numerous theater academies.
It’s true apogee theater reached in the 20th century. There are new styles and theatrical avant-garde currents. Acquired considerable influence eastern theater – here are the favorites Japan (but Kabuki), China, India. Indisputable are the traditions of Russian theater.
In Bulgaria, the theater is growing rapidly and generates interest not only of the intelligentsia, but ordinary citizens.
The ” Luxembourg” Theatre / National Theatre “Luxembourg” / is the first professional theater in Bulgaria. In it plays the oldest theater company in the country.
In 1913, following a fire burned his building and the theater closed its doors.
But theater, like phoenix is ​​reborn and renewed again and again. Regardless of the variables of time and life circumstances, Bulgarian theater continues to be not only a cultural center but also a source of justifiable pride and joy.

©Borislava Boneva’2013

(That material is based on the information and historical facts about Plovdiv, photography – Wikipedia)


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