Easter – traditions round the world


Easter is one of the biggest holiday round the world. Every culture has different traditions and celebrates the holliday in various ways.

In Australia, figures from Easter chocolate and sugar are very popular. But except in the form of a rabbit, they do this in the rare Australian animals Banduka. The Easter menu includes roast lamb, beef or chicken with vegetables. For dessert they served traditional cake “Pavlova” with kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and mandarin. Popular are the round buns with raisins. Australians eat them in the morning before going to church. On Easter Sunday, many families go out in nature. In this part of the world then marks close of the summer and early fall.

In Sweden, Easter is not as big a holiday as Christmas, but the festivities start school a week before its occurrence. Children and teachers recall the story of the resurrection of Christ. People decorate their homes in yellow, green and white. They place in their homes figures of chickens with colorful feathers. The Swedes eat at Easter almost the same food as they do Christmas. But pay more attention to the sweet stuff. Made from cardboard Paschal eggs and each of them put a big piece of candy.
Typical Scandinavian countries celebrate Easter witch flying in the skies of their broom with shiny teapot in hand to congratulate all of the holiday.

Easter in Germany is preceded by a sultry Friday. Many Germans in this day eat fish. On Saturday night they light a great paschal fire. Around it gather a lot of people, it is a symbol of the end of winter and burn all evil thoughts. The next morning, the whole family gets together for breakfast. The parents hide the basket with sweets. After breakfast, they tell the kids: “The Easter bunny brought a basket for you and you should find it!” Kids dig around the house and this is the funniest moment. At the festive afternoon the family visits friends and relatives.

In the U.S. holiday everyone should have new clothes. If a person has no money, at least necessarily buys gloves. The traditional Easter lunch of American families consist of ham with pineapple, potatoes and fruit salad. Children receive a basket full of chocolates and sweets. It is a very popular game skating eggs inclined plane. The kids are competing will drive farther their own. The biggest competition, however, is on the White House lawn. Hundreds of children arrive there with baskets filled with colored eggs.

Italians celebrate Easter with friends. On Easter Monday they arranged a picnic. Even if it pours rain, it is not canceled. Bake muffins, which are placed and eggs. Prepare traditional cookies with cheese. The celebrations are quite elaborate. In Lombardy bake bread in the shape of a dove, call him lacolomba. Popular cake is made with 33 layers of the pastry; each year symbolizes the life of Jesus.
In Poland, on the festive table you can see a variety of meat dishes. Welcome are dairy and bakery products. They place and lamb figurine, carved from butter – to avoid forgetting the disappointments of life and to put horseradish. Easter bread is richly decorated with birds, flowers and a cross of dough. Each dish festive table should be lit in the church.

In Greece, the festival is emphasized. Preparations begin early in Holy Week. Housewives clean their homes and decorate them. Bake biscuits traditional, on Thursday painted eggs. In Sabbath Holy Week Greeks have food prepared for Easter, the church where the priest blesses January. Each night of Holy Week Greeks go to church, empathetic to the suffering of Christ. At midnight on Saturday against the Sunday bells of temples beat, thus alerting the resurrection of Christ. Once they get the night liturgy, people start celebrates.

In England the holiday the whole family gathers to prepare a special lunch of lamb with vegetables. The county of Lancashire also makes “race” run-ovule of a hill. The owner of what comes first below will enjoy a year of good health.

In the Philippines, men and women crucified on a cross like Christ. Dozens of people torture their bodies even in the memory of the sufferings of Christ. The painful procedure is repeated for centuries on Good Friday. Church opposes such rituals, but people here believe so buy your sins.
Easter in Russia is the biggest festival of the Resurrection of the year. In old Russia, It was greeted with special solemnity, lavishly decorated churches and houses, illumination, impressive service. Main place of Easter table now occupy cakes and colored eggs placed on green cover. On Saturday, they have to consecrate the church. On the first day of the feast Russians greet each other with “Christ is Risen”, “True, he is Risen!” But unlike us they kiss cheeks three times and I give away colored eggs. The second day is dedicated for charity. It is accepted to visit hospitals and provide rich alms. Attend and departed. The whole week is dedicated to the festivities. The men are allowed if they want to beat the bells of the churches. Why the week is echoed the constant ringing that keeps the holiday spirit. In Russia there are two Easter eggs, dyed and printed. First in one color, usually red, while the latter are richly carved and painted.

For Passover in Russia has made special wooden eggs covered with rich ornaments.
In the nineteenth century tradition made artificial Easter symbols is transformed into art. Apart from these festive wooden eggs were masters and ivory, marble, glass and stone. Each of them consisted of two halves. Inside was a matte gold and the outside was painted with bright red paint. The egg was light and polished like a mirror. On one side was always painted story “Descent into Hell of the Savior.” And on the other an image of the saint, the patron of the person you will give the present.

Addaptation and translation from Bulgarian:  ©Borislava Boneva’2013

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