Danka Todorova, a tallanted and powerful author from Bulgaria

daniDanka Todorova is an extremely talented Bulgarian writer who lives and works in Germany. If you want to learn more about her through her ​​books, this article is for you.

In the beautiful and lovingly crafted children’s book The Little Dino Donnie and his friends” in subsequent stories the young readers can follow the exciting adventures of the little dinosaur. This is an incredible, simple and instructive story. The story is told and the two child-friendly coloring pages to encourage even the youngest children to be creative act.

In the novel, “Gateway to love” the masterpiece of Bulgarian painter Skaratov has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Thomas and Paul, experts of holography, follow a trail to London, where Thomas the young gallery owner Anna met and fell in love with it.
The two travelers Leonardo and Guido get on their quest for the perfect figure that hides the secret of life, in the Syria of the 13th Century.

The pathof the Vikingsin Greenlanddeals with the way the Vikings to Greenland. Subjects of investigation to the one the various phases of the Viking expansion and the causes may be the same, on the other hand the way the Vikings to the north of England. The intent of the study is to show that the Vikings are driven by the desire to trade and greed for silver to the north.

 The Cuban MissileCrisis of 1962is considered as the climax and turning point of the Cold War. In this paper the author want to describe the history of the conflict, particularly in the two weeks from 14th 10th to 28.10. 1962 received and explain how the crisis could escalate and as then, perhaps at the last minute, a solution was found, which intervened in the world from a nuclear disaster bewahrte.

 The importance of Futurtempora in the short story “Actually, Mrs. Blum wants to know the milkmanby Peter Bichsel is a seminar paper from the year 2006 in the Department of German – German as a Foreign / Second Language, Rating: 2.5, University of Education Karlsruhe (German Language and Literature and its teaching), event: tense and temporality in German, Language: German, Abstract: The Swiss author Peter Bichsel is a phenomenon “Actually want Mrs. Blum know the milkmanis now regarded as classic collection of vintage pieces. Peter Bichsel designed to tell time in his short stories, not as a completely linear time.

In the present paper Tense and temporality in German: On the importance of the German Futurtemporathe author is concerned with the importance of the German Futurtempora. Objects of her investigation on the one hand to the modal interpretations of the German by Heinz Futurtempora father, on the other hand be the problem of the future tense after Rolf Thieroff and Marcel Vuillaume. She’ll cover the modal interpretations of Futurtempora before she gets a closer look at the importance of the future tense after Thieroff and Vuillaume.The book follows a methodological and pedagogical reflection that will provide essential knowledge for teaching practice.

Imagery in German class a 7th classis a lesson Plan from the year 2006 in the Department of German – grammar, style, technique, single-sided, grade: 3, University of Education Karlsruhe (in German), Course: Practical, language: German, Abstract: The imagery can be understood as an extended form of the metaphor. The metaphor is a transfer (gr. Metaphor transferred from metapherein), figurative meaning of a word. For hours imagery is primarily to enable the students to recognize and understand imagery.

 Democracy andschoolafterJohn Dewey”: The theme of Democracy and schoolrequires a different concept of democracy than our usual, limited to political structures. In the workplace and at school Thus democracy isjust a name for the fact that human nature is developed only when their members participate to draw the things that are common things the sake of which men and women form groups, families, businesses, governments, churches, scientific associations, etc.

Education is not only the instrument of implementation of Dewey’s conception of democracy, itfinally falls together with democracy itself.

In “Report on a teaching practice exercise in a 1st classthe author wants to continue her use of media in the west-school and try it for yourself much. Mein tasks during the internship versatile. She will try to adjust my judgment criteria, which she has acquired in school practice and in dealing with the literature, always at my own actions. The author wants to make sure that my actions and thinking is confirmed by new evidence or should be revised.

Responsibilities of the media” as a topic in one hour in an 8 CPIA trade classis a lesson Plan from the year 2006 in the Department of Media / Communications – Other, printed on one side, and conditions University of Education Karlsruhe (Institute of Social Sciences), Course: Practical, language: German, Abstract: In media studies, the term media by various authors differently defined. Massenmedien can be understood as a means of transmitting information to a wide audience. For hours tasks of the media is primarily to enable the students to recognize the role of the media and understand. In the hour not only information and entertainment is discussed as functions of the media, but also opinion and control.

The books of Danka Todorova you can order from large online vendors like Amazon.

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