On the trail of… Ines Oppitz

inesoppitzInes Oppitz is born in Wels / Upper Austria, after high school graduation to wish the parents for compulsory school education teacher, school service at macro-and all schools. She is married with one adult son. She has studied a literature, science and philosophy (six semesters), 1996-1999 study of literature pedagogy in Vienna, close diploma in 2000.

Ines Oppitz has worked as a communicator, literature at various training institutions and by developing various concepts (currently extensive preparation for the seminar “literature from Poland”). She mainly writes poems and short prose. Since 1990, her professional line is care and moderation of the event Literary Cafe in education Puchberg with catfish. Ines Oppitz is a member of the Assembly and the Institute of Environmental Sciences Graz author authors.

5527_426162050796310_1042047052_nOne of her poems is translated to Bulgarian by the author Danka Todorova.(at the picture above)

 Works of Ines Oppitz:

Poetry Prize of the city of Wels, 1985 (no other applications for literary prizes).

Linz / Vienna: Resistance-Verlag 2000
Outside to inside. Short Prose and Poetry
Gosau: CCOU Rovell (now Arovell) 1994
– Country search. Poems 1980 – 1991
Catfish: 1991 Edition Pangloss
– Night window. poems
Catfish: Waiter and Plieseis 1979
Publications in literature and art magazines:
inter alia Facets, ramp, glades, land and in the ORF

You can find her at: http://www.poetenladen.de/ines-oppitz-person.html

By ©Borislava Boneva’2013


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