“Traumstunden Verlag Essen” – a dream story with happy end


In the autumn of 2009, a Berlin publishing house closed its doors. That event crashed the hopes of a total of 96 authors on upcoming release. This closure initiated the establishment of the “Traumstunden Verlag Essen” on 01/03/2010.

From 01.01.2011 – 31.10.2011 Britta Wisniewski and her present partner, Andrea el Gato are each 50% of the “Traumstunden Verlag Essen”Modler / El Gato GbR. Andrea el Gato takes care of manuscript selection, set, editing, author supervision and accounting. Britta Wisniewski is responsible for advertising, communications and sales / shipping. And the publisher is developed.

But as sometimes happens in 2011 their paths are separated. Britta Wisniewski continues her sole proprietorship.

Now she manages a young, dynamic team of authors who are flexible and have fresh daily life understanding.

“Traumstunden Verlag Essen”is a small publishing house it gives wonderful hours of reading to its readers. And most – it offer serious literature, something that not all of the publishing houses dare to do.

The duty editor, Britta Wisniewski, with her ambitious commitment takes a leading position in the German book market.

The publishing house operates with own shop on the sales platform LaFeO.
But that’s not enough for the team. They strongly want to constantly improve their outreach, awareness and accessibility and therefore people want them, where their books and their further awareness are equally at heart.

Store operators of multi shops, bookstores and online bookstores can get quite interesting conditions as well as interested business people and sales professionals.

Britta Wisniewski keeps a newly formed, family climate. The distribution of the books of “Traumstunden Verlag Essen”is now over three operations across Germany to whole sellers’ addition to the countries bordering Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg.
The customers achieve both books through Amazon, as well as with all online booksellers and station.

The team is always open for a conversation.

But who are the hearted people, who make the “Traumstunden Verlag Essen” good working publishing house?


Britta WisniewskiWriter, published author, lyricist and along the way publishing owner.

Michael Wisniewski provider of the cover art of the books as well as music for the trailer

Christian Bassmaker of the design and implementation of the respective video trailer for each of the books

Jenny Seideleditorial intern at things with a lot of talent to work full-time in a publishing house

For more information, suggestions and questions and to see the authors publishing in  “Traumstunden Verlag Essen”:





By Borislava Boneva’2013

The information is adapted and translated from:







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