Dorothee Sargon, a writer with a heart


Dorothee Sargon, an enterprising elderly lady of 70 years, undertakes a voyage to India to heal her body and enlighten her soul. On her own, without the help of a travel agent, she provides all the information on the Internet. She finds the “Little Flower Hospital” in Kerala that meets her expectations. Travel arrangements such as flights, visa, and commitment of the hospital for a Panchakarma are done in a short time. The author throws overboard her concerns to travel alone at her age. As she comes to the object of her wishes, Dorothee Sargon is immersed in a different culture and what she experienced in India and during the treatment, she describes informative and very humorous./ My dream, Ayurveda in India/

Work life goodbye! Retirement okay: Hooray, we go to Spain!tells the true adventures of a retired couple who want to enjoy the autumn sun and because of the milder climate mostly in Spain. For them is important to include the construction of their dream home. Despite all the precautions, it is the greatest adventure of their lives. After referring to a one-year construction period their Casa, they note that some models are improved. Yes, yes, the German thoroughness so many times gets in the way. And so they fall into two further phases. They quickly learn to deal with the artisans. But dealing with the authorities, they often can despair. And finally, they need to cope with an armed robbery. How and whether they do it and if it is worth the effort, you will learn in this book. The resemblance to persons, names and places are purely coincidental and unintentional. The book was written, people show up in the “best years”, and that it is possible to place themselves beyond the “60” new challenges and overcome them. Not much goes with it, you only need:

– A partner who pulls in the same direction,
– Courage,
– Will,
– Endurance,
– The right change and a sense of adventure. At least that is the opinion of Barbara and Maximilian.

One life is not enough for metells a story of  a 68 years Barbara has Nogras because of a daydream the unexpected inspiration to write her life. It’s exciting, adventurous and often stressful and once again she has to deal with new challenges. She learns to stand in all her occupations, mans ‘, describes experiences from her diverse professional life, dealing with customers, making up her own minds.

The word “surrender” is not in her vocabulary, she goes her own way, even if it sometimes seems hopeless and yet so rocky. During her life she has worked as:Managementtrainee,Stenographer,Clerk,Au pair girl in America,Secretary,Mitpächterin in a gas station,Owner of a bicycle shop,self-employed beautician in our own institution,Specialist teacherfor sports massages.

And she is a wife, mother and grandmother.
 Looking back, she says:“One life is not enough for me.”

In Here, I‘m the boss or? For (pre-) reading and coloringthe poems tell the adventures of a boy who uses unconventional shortly after the birth of his personality with the aim to be the boss in the house. What he invents and performs everything, brings his parents, especially his mother frequently. To the brink of despair loving, with a lot of humor and often a touch of irony, she “educates” her son in the course of six years into a confident, strong boy.
The ideas and actions are often not commonplace. This is something other children accompanying book can serve as a modern family counselor who provides both the children, parents and grandparents for great fun and entertainment. Perhaps it also shows ways out of one or another little education crisis.
The illustrations on each poem have been designed to offer themselves for coloring.
The stories are also called “Bedtime Stories,” always with the note that not every child should behave accordingly. Children learn quickly and can distinguish very well. Above all, they are proud that they are not “thatare, like the boy in the book writes about himself.

Brummi, The Little Bear: reading and coloring book 1is a story about Brummi, the little bear occurs on a long journey from China to Deutschland .The baby bear Brummi with many other bears leaves his bear‘s home in China in a box on a long journey to find a new home. His destination is a department store in a small town in Germany. The way by truck, ship and train is long, and because of its curiosity Brummi experienced many aventures. Band Truckers 2 in the toy department of a department store arrived in Luneburg there, waiting every bear out to be taken. Day after day the teddy bear sitting in the toy department and observe the flow of visitors excited. They smile wistfully children. Every bear one by one moves from the sales table into the arms of a child and leaves him in the department store. The little Brummi stays with only four other bears. They smile a race, but no one wants them. Lorry is always sad and has given up hope for a new home fast.


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