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Anguish with a happy ending by Heidi Dahlsen – an exciting  book that encourages in the hardest time

The manic – depressive psychosis is a state and it values ​​of the age at which it appears. People can’t control their selves, but it becomes more and more prevalent in our society. Each of us can suffer from it in a period of his life, and, so that life to become more difficult than it already is. Heidi Dahlsen is the author, which dare to write openly about this problem.

With the book “feeling cycle” and all others to the reader quickly becomes clear that this woman, this writer have thoughts of many things, but not to give up. She takes the reader to the hospital, and each of the reading audience can participate in her impressions of chemotherapy and very personal suffering. The writing style of Heidi Dahlsen is also humorous and sarcastic in her fight with the disease. She shows to everyone what strength and endurance needed to get through everything. Dahlsen wants to write openly about the fears that control our lives.

At the end of the book there are two Christmas stories that are a surprise to the reader, leaving the impression that despite everything, life is so beautiful and valuable, and it is worth fighting for.

A book that gives courage, a book that can help all concerned.

Highly recommended!!!

The book can be found anywhere in the commercial as well as e-book.

• Paperback: 113 pages
• Publisher: Traumstunden Verlag Essen, Edition: 1 (November 5, 2012)
• Language: German
• ISBN-10: 3942514508
• ISBN-13: 978-3942514507
• size and / or weight: 19 x 13 x 1.2 cm
Price: € 9.95
E-Book: Euro 4.94

More about the author look here:



Spring Awakening

For “Spring Awakening” 40 authors from Facebook group “WortWerk” and from Bulgaria gave wings to their imagination and published lyrical, fantastic, criminal works and works for wildlife, historic, fabulous and even autobiographical. This joint book contains two illustrations of the Bulgarian cartoonist Veselin Zidarov, drawn specifically for this book. Five Bulgarian authors participated in the almanac are: Danka Todorova, Rosica Petrova, Borislava Boneva Yordanka Radeva and Maya Mitova.

You, dear readers, can contact the authors. Visit them on Facebook “Autorengruppe WortWerk”.

It is worth noting also that the proceeds benefit the club Nestwärme.
At the homepage  you will find a diverse selection of published books.


Interview with the author Danka Todorova – a wonderfull voyage in the world of the words


1st Buchgenial: At what age you started to write?

Danka Todorova:
Years ago in Bulgaria I was in love with one of my classmates. It was a nice time. I have started to write poems. My book of poems, “The world is upside down,” came out. In 1996 with the poem “Autumn” I won a literary competition in Varna, Bulgaria. Eight years ago I worked for a newspaper and a private broadcaster. The stories flowed like a waterfall.

2nd Buchgenial: What is your favorite book?

Danka Todorova:
I know the old and new Bulgarian literature, Russian classical literature, Latin American literature, German literature. My favorite author is a Bulgarian writer Emilian Stanev. In the world literature I have my idols like Dostoyevsky, Hesse, Thomas Mann, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, and many others.

3rd Buchgenial: What has changed in your life, as you have released your first book, what changes were coming toward you?

Danka Todorova:
To write and tell stories to bring them to life is more for me than one of my life lessons. It’s almost a second career. It may be that I am in a few years my day job reinventing.

4th Buchgenial: You have written several books and published them, what can you tell us about your book “Gateway to Love”?

Danka Todorova:
 On the novel “Gateway to Love” I wrote eight months. I was obsessed, leaves lay everywhere with the concept, and every morning I sat and wrote. I grew up in that time so disciplined. It’s hard to believe. I still remember, as a colleague of mine has said, “I am a poet. I have written a novel. “In conversation I learned the details. The very next day I collected all my notes and I was one step closer to my dream – to write a novel.

5th Buchgenial: Which idea out your book “Gateway to Love” was created?

Danka Todorova:
My mother told me a story about a Bulgarian artist. So I’ve taken the idea of ​​my artist-Crime many years.
Four years ago I was in Portugal and one morning while walking on the Atlantic I have seen a bird. It stood there at the gate, like a Guardian of Forever. The feeling for the right moment for the photographer is as important as the writer’s. Thus, the image of my cover is the “gateway to love” emerged.

6th Buchgenial: You have also written a children’s book titled “The Dino Donnie and his friends: Fire Dino” – what is at stake in this story?

Danka Todorova:
In several subsequent stories, the young readers follow the exciting adventures. You will find many places that they visit with their time machine, friends. It’s an incredible, simple and instructive story.

7th Buchgenial: How do you plan to be a writer one day, when you have the best time to write?

Danka Todorova:
Mostly I write at home or away. Recently I was in Tuscany, with my laptop in front of the nose, because you can read all about in a guide book. But the feelings of the people can read when they are on the way of the action.

8th Buchgenial: Can you still remember your first story you wrote?

Danka Todorova:
After a difficult time in Germany, I have again started diary and stories to write. Upon contact with children was also my picture book “Little Dino Doni and his friends” to the world. It has also been published in Bulgarian. This year still come to other languages.
9th Buchgenial: In what situations you get the best ideas for new stories?

Danka Todorova:
Life is the real storyteller. It tells us all the stories, some hear it and some do not. It may be that years go by and the stories slumber to it, but it can also be very fast. I’m used to hearing myself, and put all my ideas on paper.

10th Buchgenial (Can also be your own): What the market existing book would you recommend to your readers:?

Danka Todorova:
Everything I write is a fruit of my personal development, a result of hard work on himself, the expanded perception, the ability to concentrate themselves, perseverance and discipline are the conditions for the emergence of the plants. All of my books I would gladly recommend.

11th Buchgenial: How you prepare for a reading?

Danka Todorova:
In my mind I’m going through it again and judge me for the moment, visitors and space.
I am pleased to be able to open the readers of my world. Readings I’m always happy because they are my barometer. I always look forward to a chance to read by my works.

12th Buchgenial: What experiences have you already made when writing a book or need to do?

Danka Todorova:
I have before a concept that I expand when writing. I’ve also written stories, without a concept, later I had to work a lot. Why I think the concept is like a lighthouse in the sea. It helps you to find the right path.

13th Buchgenial: It happens when writing that you cannot make any headway, if anything blocked. How do you deal with a “writer’s block”?

Danka Todorova:
Is  For me the ideas bubble up and if IJsuch an animal, it is not with me  do not catch them, they fly away like the butterflies in spring.

14th Buchgenial: Tell us at the end of our interview, on which project they are writing?

Danka Todorova:
I recently did my new book “Cafe’del Sol” made ready. It is already in a publishing house and is waiting patiently. My next book will be a coaching book.

15th Buchgenial: space for your own words, what you want your readers and book fans like to say, or what you like to say more about you want.

Danka Todorova:

The strong, silent type, a Bulgarian: “Пerseverance, work and order lead us ever forward ” / “Постоянство, труд и ред, да ни водят все напред “/ and a Russian:” Those lucky not look at the clock “/ Шчасливие часьи не наблюдают. /
At the request of a reader, I like to sign my books. The last signed have gone to Switzerland. “A piece of my world, a piece of luck.”
Visit my HP:
Much love and I would be happy if they read my books.

Translation from German – Borislava Boneva



The Magic Fountain of Time

Steffen Bartl

Caught in the whirlpool of time, the 11-year-old Charlie Townsend and his friends will teleport to places that make the arts of their dreams in the shade. The desire for dangerous adventures, fears of death and the risk of past and future threats the children on this trip. Hope to return to their home in time disappears, with each time step.

This lovely book not only for children, but also for adults can be foun at Amazon:



A nice, exciting event in the family health center! Meet Lissa Doreen Roth!

Lissa Doreen Roth was born in Bebra / Hessen, where she still lives today with her family. Her learned profession is an office clerk. Besides her work she is interested in psychology and always writing. She started with writing as a hobby, from which has now become a regular activity. She likes to write about her own ideas and experiences and about people and stories that she knows. She prefers to write turbulent, entertaining, light and fluffy novels and screenplays.

On Thursday, 28 February 2013 many readers came into the family health center to participate in the reading of Lisa Doreen Roth. In a warm, relaxed atmosphere the author read interesting passages from her novels “The happiness is waiting online,” “Suddenly, everything is different” and “The side effects – happy Sylt” and explained how she develops from her hobby now a regular employment. She likes to write about her own ideas and experiences and people she knows. Her specialty is light, turbulent and entertaining novels. With her reading samples of light and fluffy written novels about love and relationship enthusiastic Lisa Doreen Roth grabbed the listeners. That afternoon, they had the opportunity to chat informally with the author, asking her questions and learn more about her.

Translation from German – Borislava Boneva



The Book Fair in Leipzig

The Leipzig Book Fair is the most important spring meeting place for the publishing and media sector and has evolved into an attractive hallmark both in Germany and across Europe. In a nutshell, the aim of the Leipzig Book Fair is to drum up more publicity for books. Held every March, it’s a massive draw for publishers, writers, readers and journalists. An ideal communication platform, the Leipzig Book Fair provides extensive information about new publications as well as current and future trends in the German-speaking and European markets.
Segment of the publishing and media market are presented as exciting thematic topics aimed at specific target groups. The publishers come face to face with an inquisitive public and interested trade visitors. Meanwhile, Leipzig Reads is Europe’s biggest festival of literature and features more than 2.800 events held at 365 different venues.

For more information:

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