“Traumstunden Verlag Essen” – a dream story with happy end


In the autumn of 2009, a Berlin publishing house closed its doors. That event crashed the hopes of a total of 96 authors on upcoming release. This closure initiated the establishment of the “Traumstunden Verlag Essen” on 01/03/2010.

From 01.01.2011 – 31.10.2011 Britta Wisniewski and her present partner, Andrea el Gato are each 50% of the “Traumstunden Verlag Essen”Modler / El Gato GbR. Andrea el Gato takes care of manuscript selection, set, editing, author supervision and accounting. Britta Wisniewski is responsible for advertising, communications and sales / shipping. And the publisher is developed.

But as sometimes happens in 2011 their paths are separated. Britta Wisniewski continues her sole proprietorship.

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On the trail of… Ines Oppitz

inesoppitzInes Oppitz is born in Wels / Upper Austria, after high school graduation to wish the parents for compulsory school education teacher, school service at macro-and all schools. She is married with one adult son. She has studied a literature, science and philosophy (six semesters), 1996-1999 study of literature pedagogy in Vienna, close diploma in 2000.

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Danka Todorova, a tallanted and powerful author from Bulgaria

daniDanka Todorova is an extremely talented Bulgarian writer who lives and works in Germany. If you want to learn more about her through her ​​books, this article is for you.

In the beautiful and lovingly crafted children’s book The Little Dino Donnie and his friends” in subsequent stories the young readers can follow the exciting adventures of the little dinosaur. This is an incredible, simple and instructive story. The story is told and the two child-friendly coloring pages to encourage even the youngest children to be creative act.

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A look into a future chilren’s book

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A new children’s book with an interesting title Knut, the tea pot” will delight the young readers in June this year. Its author is Margarete Haynihen. The book is translated to Bulgarian language from the writer Danka Todorova.

Haynihen Margarete was born in 1980. She is an independent economist and chartered, (DIA), hosting on real estate.

Painting is her great hobby for years. Margarete Haynihen has participated in many exhibitions, and from 2010 she is illustrator of children’s books. In 2011 is released her first book about Shvartzvald.

The plotof the bookis asfascinatingas it iscolorful, making the readerssympathetic tothe experiences ofthe protagonist,Knut.Heisa claytea pot andhas long beenon the shelfin theworkshopof hismaster.Likeotherpotterythatquarrelall day,and hehas ahole inhis stomach, in which isseatedaspider.Unlikethem, helongsonlyto beusedas a tea pot but is afraid toask forhelp the potter.

What willhappen nextand whether thekindKnutwould realize hisdreamis tofind outin Junethis year.

I promiseyou thatyou will readthe bookin a single sitting, as happened to me!

More about the book:

Knut, the teapotMargarete Heinichen (author)

[Bulgarian] [Board book]

Publication date: 21 June 2013
Board book: 50 pages
Publisher: SIVSachsens Imperia Verlag ISBN: 1st edition (June 21, 2013)
Language: Bulgarian
ISBN-10: 3,943,934,101
ISBN-13: 978-3943934106

 ©By Borislava Boneva’2013

Only words remain forever – The book tram

13585524405_largeТhe first week of the campaign in support of reading books “The March of the books” is behind us.

From 8 April 2013 launched yet another initiative “Streetcar books” in which Bulgarian celebrities – politicians, journalists, actors, athletes and Bulgarian authors read excerpts from the audience’s favorite children’s books. Tram stops books are kindergartens, schools, libraries and bookstores in Sofia. To be part of the magic of the books will be able to travel abroad with him until April 14, 2013.

The campaign aims to increase children’s interest in literature and reading and to show their parents how they themselves to inspire love to the books.

Be aware of the next part of the campaign!

©Borislava Boneva’2013

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Hristo Fotev – the big “little prince” of Bulgarian contemporary poetry


Throughout the history there are individuals who are remembered years, even centuries after their death. Praised, spitting followed or outcasts, they all left their indelible imprint deeply ingrown brand on the living, quivering flesh and thought of the generations after them. People who with their restless spirit and messianic presence, supplanting the boundaries of mainstream life’s of their era and direct it to its peak to peak, which is the aspiration and objective of every living thing. Seamlessly with thundering force, they mold, cut the minds of their contemporaries and their descendants, transferring invisible bridges over all the differences. Largely misunderstood, more or less recognized, they still present – even in his absence – and continue to be what they always were – artists, creators, a strong and solid foundation over which generations after them to build their cases and success. Scaffolding, without which it would not be conceivable our rich, multi cultural – historical heritage, our beautiful and complex as human relationships life.

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Only words remain forever


 April 2013 begins with an exciting event – “March of the books” – Bulgaria. Beginning is today, April 2 – the birthday of beloved author of generations of children – Hans Christian Andersen. The events included in the second edition of the campaign will continue until April 23 this year.

The action takes place under the aegis of the Association “Bulgarian book”, Sofia City Library and the Bulgarian Library and Information Association.

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