The story of “The littlle Dino Donnie and his friends” and its’ author




 At the picture in the right are the lovely author -Danka Todorova, and her yong illustrator ot the book – Petya Donencheva – the two preety and talanted bulgarian women!

The booklet “Little Donny Dino and his friends”              

Interview with writer Danka Todorova

The  children’s book “Little Donny Dino and his friends.”  is the work of the German writer Danka Todorova and young illustrator from Plovdiv Petya Donencheva.
What’s different about this book and what is Danka Todorova? We met her at her home in Karlsruhe – Germany.
Hello, Frau Todorova! Who is Danka Todorova? Can you tell us more about yourself. Your name is Bulgarian, and you live in Germany? …
I was born in Bulgaria. My name is Danka,  shortened from Yordanka and has meaning “river”. This we refer to the Old Testament and the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Often having to explain what my name means. Lived and worked in Germany in Karlsruhe on the Rhine, near the world famous resort of Baden-Baden.
Would you share a little more about yourself? We are interested in your creative biography mostly: published books, favorite genres in which you create?
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