Only words remain forever


 April 2013 begins with an exciting event – “March of the books” – Bulgaria. Beginning is today, April 2 – the birthday of beloved author of generations of children – Hans Christian Andersen. The events included in the second edition of the campaign will continue until April 23 this year.

The action takes place under the aegis of the Association “Bulgarian book”, Sofia City Library and the Bulgarian Library and Information Association.

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Easter – traditions round the world


Easter is one of the biggest holiday round the world. Every culture has different traditions and celebrates the holliday in various ways.

In Australia, figures from Easter chocolate and sugar are very popular. But except in the form of a rabbit, they do this in the rare Australian animals Banduka. The Easter menu includes roast lamb, beef or chicken with vegetables. For dessert they served traditional cake “Pavlova” with kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and mandarin. Popular are the round buns with raisins. Australians eat them in the morning before going to church. On Easter Sunday, many families go out in nature. In this part of the world then marks close of the summer and early fall.

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27th of March – The International Theatre Day


Image – Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv

For the first time International Theatre Day was celebrated in 1961 at the initiative of the International Theatre Institute. Each year the date 27th of March is followed by various national and international performances.
The theater originated in ancient Hellas. During the celebration of Dionysus were played pieces called dithyramb. The hallmark of the ancient Greek theater is that plays roles are performed by men only, and the maximum number of players is three. Depending on the character, they wear masks, and the scene is present choir which accompanies the actors.
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An independent study on readership in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Which are the books and the authors that have left the strongest impression on you and you always reread with pleasure? Who is your favorite genre of literature?

Anyone who loves to read – for pleasure or because his profession is somehow connected with the books, inevitably has asked these questions. And he found the answers for himself. At various stages of life, under the influence of moods and needs, and guided by an interest in novelty now, man seeks the right book or author, to enrich it, to help him in times of trouble to get rid of the problems and dive into the magical world of literature.

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The minutes pass by

Panting, the minutes aproach the final –

and i intermittently breathe with them

and so I wish to grab the medal –
Moon yellow midst the stardust.
The day is runaway – but not for the athletes –
for me, for you, for all of us –
pragmatists, unbelievers and poets
and the lovers in the secretive hour.
The day challenges and involves us
in the ceaseless play of the senses.
The day normally crosses
with sudden turns of fate.
That’s why at the end of the trail
minutes are so busy –
their task is perhaps the most difficult –
to break the thread, which hold us tied
to runaway of every other day.
To patch up our wings, torn,
(poor, dear, our),
to have a sun-splashed tomorrow …

Author and translator from Bulgarian: ©Borislava Boneva

The story of “The littlle Dino Donnie and his friends” and its’ author




 At the picture in the right are the lovely author -Danka Todorova, and her yong illustrator ot the book – Petya Donencheva – the two preety and talanted bulgarian women!

The booklet “Little Donny Dino and his friends”              

Interview with writer Danka Todorova

The  children’s book “Little Donny Dino and his friends.”  is the work of the German writer Danka Todorova and young illustrator from Plovdiv Petya Donencheva.
What’s different about this book and what is Danka Todorova? We met her at her home in Karlsruhe – Germany.
Hello, Frau Todorova! Who is Danka Todorova? Can you tell us more about yourself. Your name is Bulgarian, and you live in Germany? …
I was born in Bulgaria. My name is Danka,  shortened from Yordanka and has meaning “river”. This we refer to the Old Testament and the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. Often having to explain what my name means. Lived and worked in Germany in Karlsruhe on the Rhine, near the world famous resort of Baden-Baden.
Would you share a little more about yourself? We are interested in your creative biography mostly: published books, favorite genres in which you create?
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My dreamed love

I want that love, from which it hurts every moment, every cell in you. That you deny, but which you cannot escape, no matter how trying. That love pursued you even in dreams and don’t leave even a piece of you to sink into nothingness. Love that throws you into pits, that rise you to the sun, burns your past and casts a ghostly veil of mist on the future, obliging you to be only Here – at the moment where everything merges. The one that you curse of powerlessness to change it and praise in the ecstasy of emotion. Which reveals you’re the darkest and yet the lightest areas of your soul. Without you feel lost and find yourself at the most amazing places. Love that takes your breath away like a fire outside the door that no one can put down. Love for that you can go to the end of the world without thinking about the consequences. Which throws you like a hurricane in life, but you do not even occur to get out of the whirlwind her trembling. Disheveled, rain-wet hair which sits silently next to you, reaching hand to you and you find peace. This love I want. Because I can accept only it.

Author and translator from Bulgarian: ©Borislava Boneva