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A new children’s book with an interesting title Knut, the tea pot” will delight the young readers in June this year. Its author is Margarete Haynihen. The book is translated to Bulgarian language from the writer Danka Todorova.

Haynihen Margarete was born in 1980. She is an independent economist and chartered, (DIA), hosting on real estate.

Painting is her great hobby for years. Margarete Haynihen has participated in many exhibitions, and from 2010 she is illustrator of children’s books. In 2011 is released her first book about Shvartzvald.

The plotof the bookis asfascinatingas it iscolorful, making the readerssympathetic tothe experiences ofthe protagonist,Knut.Heisa claytea pot andhas long beenon the shelfin theworkshopof hismaster.Likeotherpotterythatquarrelall day,and hehas ahole inhis stomach, in which isseatedaspider.Unlikethem, helongsonlyto beusedas a tea pot but is afraid toask forhelp the potter.

What willhappen nextand whether thekindKnutwould realize hisdreamis tofind outin Junethis year.

I promiseyou thatyou will readthe bookin a single sitting, as happened to me!

More about the book:

Knut, the teapotMargarete Heinichen (author)

[Bulgarian] [Board book]

Publication date: 21 June 2013
Board book: 50 pages
Publisher: SIVSachsens Imperia Verlag ISBN: 1st edition (June 21, 2013)
Language: Bulgarian
ISBN-10: 3,943,934,101
ISBN-13: 978-3943934106

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