The diary

A pearl in my life

In life everyone has good moments that will never forget – bright dates on the calendar of the private and professional life. They are sealed forever in our minds, build us as individuals, inspire and give us the strength to continue in difficult times. Some people call them “successes”, others – “victories.” To me they are “big small” miracles that happen constantly – if we have eyes to notice and appreciate them.

What were your “big small” miracles in the past year? And in this year – do you see them, do you feel when they happen, do you enjoy them!

What about mine? … Oh, they are so many and so great that sometimes takes my breath away! Turn me into their vortex, and obsess whole my being and make me smile; drive me to fly, to dream. Whether personally or professionally, they become part of my nature, mold me and make me a better person. They help me to grow, to create, to live truly. They keep me the daughter that my parents deserve; faithful friend and sister. To be a good specialist in my profession and to place my soul in what I’m doing.

As it is my meeting with my irreplaceable coach, counselor and friend – Danny (Danka Todorova). As the events this meet caused to happen. Unexpectedly for me, probably at the right moment, she opened a door to me – to an almost unknown world that I dreamed of for a long time. Our work together helped me believe more that miracles happen. Open my worldview, gave me confidence and strength to continue to dream and dream of. Without her I might not have the courage to dive into the deep, to spread my wings with strokes of an artist who draws his inspiration from life, learn and constantly seek perfection in everything he does.

For me, writing has always been a passion of my nature, without which I could hardly live. I’ve had many “big small” miracles associated with the development and author. And I’m sure I’m going to have more – and they will make me that person who I have to be – it will give me the experience, knowledge and ability to recreate myself in my work, to leave my track on the piece of paper as a trademark which says: “This is me. The person I want to be – for myself, for all of you, for the life. ”

Now … I’m in the beginning. And it’s nice. And it’s smiling. It portends great things that I cannot wait to happen.

Its first steps makes and my blog. But it will get stronger, will grow and will be a reason of shared positive emotions and enjoyment. Therefore, at the outset, I wish to tell you the story of my latest “big small” miracles.

March brought me an unexpected and precious gift – the eighteenth day of this wonderful month bursts into my life, wearing at its’ wings a few sheets written in fine print in a foreign language. At the moment the white envelope ended up in my hands, I felt so indescribable excitement, that thrill, which comes over a man on the verge of something new. I had a contract! A contract issue of my book – the first, unless i count my e-book of poems “A little day.” But, first, that one day I can touch it with trembling fingers, to inhale the smell of paper and ink – and happily smiling almost sheepishly – in the eyes of those who do not know at this point is a dream come true.

And … I’ll remember how it all began…

As in any story and mine have got a fairy godmother. Her name, of course, is Danny, (Danka Todorova). Despite all the distance between us, she somehow managed to get my courage, strength, to teach me a great many things – about life, about the writing, about what it means to be an author. She reached out me a hand in a time I needed – to continue to believe in miracles. And it worked. For many days and months now, I have her support. The satisfaction and joy of our work grows more and more. Namely, it paved the way for the great things that have happened. Without her faith, effort probably I would have gone a long and difficult road to where I am now – to have a contract with publisher and to be an author with future.

The PUBLISHER name is “Sachsen Imperia Verlag”, it is located in Germany, and the man behind it is Steffen Bartl. He also believed in me, despite the doubts and uncertainty that I felt myself all the time. Maybe because they both Danny and Steffen know that the doubts are part of the road that passes each to achieve his dream. And they are just as creative as faith.

In the beginning, it was the faith and the idea for the book. Mine. The verses waited so long their “instant star”. Then … questions –the many of questions how to separate those of my “children” that have to be my face to the world? How to structure them so that most accurately recreate what I mean? How to merge them into one perfect whole? Anyone who has passed this knows that the creative process is not just writing – there are an infinite number of small but significant steps until you get something complete, meaningful and beautiful.

Fortunately, among all these questions, that swept me after the joy, I had the guidance of my fairy godmother. Again with the help of Danny (Todorova Danka) I managed to find the thread with which to connect the poems into one, I structure my future book, as I see it – the idea and the messages that are important to me. It was a process as complex and as it is satisfying. It was a result of long conversations, putting in that thought and feeling from her and me. And eventually get something good – every verse finds its proper place in the main thread – and, as in life itself, my “kids” walked their way through the pain, difficulties and doubts to purify the tears and to reach the end of the path, where is the love and faith in goodness. In the process, my coach, my adviser was demanding of my work. She did not allow me to digress from the right direction. At the same time I had the freedom to create his work as my heart dictated.

When i had already my project that the next important step lied ahead: to write an annotation to the book. God is my witness; I did not expect to be so difficult. I had to write several versions of the annotation, again not without the help and guidance invaluable to me a well-established author, such as Danka Todorova while it finally gets better.
Someone will say, “Well, so what, a few sentences and that’s it!” Yes, but they are as important as the book itself. And it doesn’t matter that it is standing in the back of a book – not less important than what is written inside. This is the message that each piece is – to those for whom it is intended.

Throughout this time, I realized one thing: in the creative process there is nothing trivial. Each step must be rationalized and made with the idea that the end result will be what people will remember. Everything we do is part of us. Therefore, it is irrelevant how and what we leave behind.

So that’s the story of my “big small” miracle – my first contract with the publisher. I cannot wait to find out what is coming next. I hope with you.

©By Borislava Boneva

Stara Zagora


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